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Mobility moves us all forward - and that's why we need you! What is your #MobilityChallenge? Whether it's walking to the bakery, biking to the university, driving to the train station, or just getting out into nature: On the road, we all encounter very different challenges in the KielRegion. But we don't just want to look at obstacles, we want to get creative and get things rolling. Your input is needed! At these workshops:

4/21 // 5-8:30 p.m. // Legienstraße 40 // Mobility for All: Whether you are an international, senior, disabled, family man, rural resident, student or commuter - together we want to break down the boundaries of mobility and rethink old solutions in a new, up-to-date and diverse way.

22.4. // 17-20:30 Uhr // Legienstraße 40 // Mobility for you: You "move" a family and experience new challenges every day? Ever heard of "female mobility"? You only understand station when you want to rent an e-scooter? We take a hard-hitting look at the applicability and user-friendliness of mobility solutions, check out technological challenges and uncover pseudo-solutions.

No prior knowledge is necessary - your personal experiences are your expert input. The challenges that we develop in the two workshops will be further developed into concrete concepts, use cases and projects at a Hackathon Mobility in June and other event formats and, above all, implemented in reality.

All information about the workshops, registration and our other events can be found here.