9-Euro-Ticket & Chill

Punks on the island of Sylt and overcrowded trains: the widespread reporting on the 9-Euro-Ticket suggests that using public transport with the special fare for the summer months is primarily stressful. But what developments can actually be observed after the first month?That the volume of rail travel has increased significantly since the introduction of the nationwide 9-Euro-Ticket should not really surprise anyone. In a press release dated July 7, the Federal Statistical Office has now published the first figures on the use of the ticket: in June 2022, 42% more people decided to travel by rail on rail routes between 30 and 300 kilometers than in June 2019.This is already a significant increase: in May 2022, the increase in rail passenger volume was only 3% higher than in May 2019. On the road, at least a moderate decline in traffic volume can be seen. An analysis by traffic data specialist Tomtom for the news agency dpa shows a decline in congestion levels for 23 of 26 cities studied compared to the time before introduction. Social associations and already demand to create further favorable local traffic offers after the end of the ticket.

You can read the interim results of the Federal Statistical Office here: https://www.destatis.de/DE/Presse/Pressemitteilungen/2022/07/PD22_284_12.html